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Multipart Cover

High Quality Product

"Durham" multipart cover is originated in Australia, the product we offer for Hong Kong market is made in the factory in China.

Durham recessed access covers are designed for filling with concrete or other materials as specified in BS EN 124. 

Its access covers and frames have machined seating faces that allow the sliding out of covers from the frame for easy removal and replacement.

With the use of grease sealant, the units can provide a gas/water tight seal under normal conditions.

Durham access covers and frames are designed with & have machined seating surfaces to create a non rocking feature. When installed correctly, the covers are non-rocking under traffic.

Durham multipart units have hot dipped galvanised support beam(s). The beam has support housing blocks integrated into the external frame allowing the beams to be fully removed.

The class loadings we can supply are ranging from B125, C250, D400, E600 and F900.

Multipart Cover: Product
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