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Qingdao Singreat- Oil Containment Boom

Qingdao Singreat Industry Technology Co. Ltd. is the professional supplier of oil spill response equipment in China. It develops, manufactures, and supplies best available technology and full range of oil spill response equipment all over the world. We will continuously improve and develop oil spill response equipment to meet customers' need worldwide.​


Oil Containment Boom

  • The PVC oil boom is made of high strength PVC fabric and foam inside.

  • Fitted with top tension cable and bottom galvanized chain to increase the tensile strength of the boom.

  • Equipped with ASTM quick connector which is easy to deploy and maintenance.

  • Because of light weight, the PVC oil boom used in wide range of environment including industrial area, rivers, harbours and other calm water.

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PVC Fence Boom

  • There is a top steel cable and bottom ballast chain to keep the strength of the fence boom. There are elastic stiffeners between solid floats to keep the oil fence straight and stiff and ensure an effective draft.

  • It is equipped with ASTM Z quick connector and easy to handle, store and deploy from handle bag, reel or rack because of its light weight & compact volume.

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