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Vortex flow control unit

Product originator

Mosbaek A/S was found in 1969 by inventor and engineer, Joergen Mosbaek Johannessen, who was credited as the first person in the world to conceive the idea of developing a water brake. The device for sewage systems, allowed only a limited but constant flow to pass, regardless of the water level. The vortex flow regulator is made in Denmark.

Mosbaek A/S now offers a comprehensive range of valves, suitable for use with either stormwater and/or foul water sewage systems. Based on 50 years' experience in terms of developing solutions and by means of specially developed software packages all Mosbaek valves are designed to suit the exact needs of the customer, who may rest assured that we offer them the best solution possible.

Mosbaek Flow Control Valves have no moving parts, self-activating, no electrical components and constantly larger orifice openings.


- Attenuation tanks.

- Infiltration structures.

- Discharge points from wetlands

Vortex flow control regulator: Product
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