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L-shaped flood barrier

Light weight and easy handling

For location where traditional manual stack type flood barrier is not applicable; and for those who not want to install any post, L-shaped flood barrier may be another choice.

It is made of high quality ABS, the water stop principle is by the weight of water compressed at the bottom of the baffle. The higher the water level, the stronger the retaining effect, so it will not fall.

The rubber compound at the bottom of flood board can prevent from water penetration, anti-slip can increase the friction between the bottom and the ground.

The boxwall straight board has three heights to choose 50cm, 60cm and 75cm.

For corner board, we have inward corner and outward corner, each has 30 degree.

The advantages of boxwall:

1) Light in weight, easy and fast to install.

2) Easy to stack storage and transport.

3) Reusable, long life and environmental friendly.

Denilco L-shaped flood barrier: Product
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